Claymore Swords Club

Dunedin, New Zealand



Always wanted to try fencing? Give it a go. Our members range in ages from eight to eighty. Fencing develops fitness, co-ordination, balance, self-motivation, mental agility, and it is fun!

School-age Beginners

Claymore Swords Club usually teaches school-age beginners aged eight and upwards. This is to ensure that safety equipment fits properly, and students have the requisite physical development to handle the weapons. We teach primary, intermediate and high school beginners.

Adult Beginners

Whether you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties or sixties, it is not too late to begin fencing. Fencing is great exercise for your body and your brain! If you are not interested in the competitive side of fencing, there is a thriving social fencing scene in Dunedin. Don’t think you are too old to be competitive. Fencing is also growing both nationally and around the world as a veterans sport, so you can enjoy fencing for a lifetime.

Beginners Classes

We offer a 5-week introduction to fencing for those who have never fenced before, or are returning after an extended hiatus. You will develop basic footwork and blade skills, and receive a broad overview of the sport and fencing concepts in general. All you need to wear for these classes is loose-fitting, comfortable clothing such as track pants and t-shirt and sports shoes. All fencing equipment will be provided.

Beginners classes are held at the beginning of each school term.

The next beginner’s course for children and adults starts on Monday the 29th of July, from 6.00pm-7.00pm.

If you would like more information or to enroll for the beginners course, please email us at with ‘beginners course’ in the subject line.


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